Welcome!  We are excited to Move. with you!

Welcome! We are excited to Move. with you!

  • I'm new to Move., what do I need to know?

Welcome! We are excited to meet you and share our passion for Movement with you! Here are some things you may want to know:

  • Our classes are open to all levels of experience. If you have prior injuries or other limiations, or are new to Pilates or fitness, we highly recommend private training. Please contact us or consult with an instructor if you have questions.
  • Pre-registration for Pilates Mat, Yoga, and Barre class is highly recommended (they do tend to fill up), and is required for Equipment classes as there are 3 spots in these. You can create an account and register here, and you're welcome to email us with questions.
  • We are located at 712 E Empire - our parking lot bumps up to the Constitution Trail. We are the end unit of the building - in the same strip as Keg Grove Brewery.
  • Leave your shoes and coats in the hall, we have cubbies for other personal items. Please do not arrive more than 10 mins. early as we often have other classes in session. If you do arrive early, we ask that you wait in the hallway to avoid disuption of classes in session.
  • We will have you sign a waiver prior to your first session.
  • We supply mats and water, but you're welcome to bring your own.
  • We have 3 restrooms if you need to freshen up, but we do not have a shower at this time.
  • What do I wear to class?

Leave your worries, your day, and your shoes at the door- (the studio is a ‘shoe free’ zone!). You may choose to remain barefoot, or wear socks, but grippy socks are recommended. Because your arms, legs, and torso may be in the air, we recommend form fitting clothing. This also allows the instructor to truly see your body and allow for modifications. Shorts are not recommended for the movements you may be doing. :) Layers are great so you can peel them off as your core heats up!

  • What if there is a class or a private session in progress when I arrive?

Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes early, and if you do, we ask that you wait in the hall/entryway in order for the clients to complete their session. This allows prior classes to finish up and exit, as well as allows the instructor to prepare the space for your session. If a private session or class is in progress, please consider waiting in the hall. Thank you for understanding!

  • Tell me more about the different classes offered...

  • Mat classes consist of any class on the mat- Pilates Mat, Yoga, and Barre.

  • Pilates Mat will incorporate traditional and modern Pilates exercises. Many include core work as well as front weight bearing (think planking...). Yoga techniques involve a bit of a slower pace, and the classes vary based on the type of Yoga. Please read the descriptions online to ensure you are in the class best suited for you. Barre contains an element of cardio, and is not often recommended for those with knee or foot concerns.
  • Pilates Equipment consists of any class that uses equipment- Equipment (these classes use Reformer, Tower, Chair) and Barre Fusion (uses barres and other equipment). We ask that our students take Pilates Mat prior to Equipment, in order to translate the movements safely to the machines.
  • If you’d like a private session at the studio, contact us directly via email to schedule.

  • How do I use my class package?

Think of your class packages as a ‘bank’ of classes. You can pull classes from your bank and register yourself online, or have one of the instructors do it for you after a class at the studio. Our system requires you to purchase classes prior to registering. We also offer 2x a week auto deduct packages, as well as Unlimited Monthly. You can view these on the Rates page.

  • How do I schedule a private training session?

We will work with you to align you with an instructor based on your goals and availability. Shoot us a note and we will get back to you within 48 hours. We do currently have a waitlist for new clients, and for safety purposes, it is up to our discretion to request a Doctors' release if an injury is involved.

  • What is your cancellation policy, and why do you have one?

We are a small, locally owned business, and we have a maximum of 14 students per mat class, 3 per Equipment class. Our instructors plan each class ahead of time based on the attendees' needs, and we often have waitlists on our classes. Therefore, we kindly request 24 hours' cancellation notice, or the class will automatically be deducted from your account. You can cancel by logging in to your MindBody account and removing yourself from the class, or by canceling via the app. The instructor is not responsible for scheduling or canceling for you - we ask that you handle this aspect of your account, to avoid confusion. This cancellation policy also applies to Private Training, as the studio and instructors have limited timeslots available, and each class is planned specifically for that individual. We appreciate your understanding!

  • What makes Move. different from other studios, gyms, classes, or videos?

Move is a small, locally owned boutique studio, developed by two of the instructors, Georgia and Jennie. All of the instructors at Move. are required to complete coursework through Balanced Body, or through a certified Yoga program. The instructors are knowledgeable about their fields of study, not just trained through Move. or in general fitness. Our instructors will take the time to get to know you and understand your fitness goals, writing classes ahead of time so you don't expereince the same class twice, and to allow for any modifications that may be needed. If you want a personalized experience where the instructors know your name, we’re the studio for you!

I want to try an Equipment class. How do I know if I'm ready?

For your safety, we highly recommed at least one private session at Move. prior to taking Equipment group classes. Talk with an instructor for more information.

Do you offer childcare?

We do not currently offer childcare. Our studio is one large room, and we will kindly ask anyone not attending the class to wait in the hall. Additionally, all minors must have an adult present to co sign our waiver.

I have more questions...how should I reach you?

We’d love to answer them! Reach out to Georgia or Jennie at info@movepilatesyoga.com, and we’ll get back to you within two business days. We are at the studio during class times, and are unable to ‘leave our posts’ during classes. We appreciate your understanding!