The Move. Team

                                                                                           The Move. Team

Knowledgeable Instructors and A Great Fit!

I joined Move Pilates last year, and I haven’t looked back!  Originally, I wanted to join because it was within one mile from my house and I wanted to try something different.  I had belonged to gyms, taken different classes, and even tried Pilates and yoga at home.  I truly had been missing out!

So far, I have been faithfully participating in mat classes with Georgia and warm yoga with Denise.  They are both excellent instructors and adapt to your needs as you practice with them.  It is the attention to detail that I have never received in another setting.  I have come to realize that this attention to detail with positioning makes all the difference.  The classes are very focused and challenging but at the same time, welcoming to people from novice to expert.  That is a tough combination to pull off, but the ladies at Move have accomplished it. 

My personal goals are to gain strength and flexibility.  I have already seen (and felt) a transformation that will only continue to evolve.  Working in women’s health, I see the importance of maintaining muscle and bone as we age.  I want to maintain height and posture.  Strength and toning are more important to me than an ideal weight on a scale.  Don’t get me wrong, I want to look good too!  With Pilates and yoga, I feel I can reach my fitness goals while being gentle to my joints.  I wish i started practicing at this level a decade ago. 

What I realize is that the classes offered at Move can be started at any stage of life.  It is a welcoming environment and the depth of knowledge from the instructors is unsurpassed.  They keep the classes fresh.  I never knew there could be so many new moves!  I look forward to trying some new things in 2016.  The equipment and SUP classes look challenging and people rave about them. 

All I know is I look forward to going to Move!  I also look forward to being challenged at each class.  What started out as something I just wanted to try,  Move has become regularly penciled in to my schedule.  I believepracticing yoga and Pilates will translate intophysical benefits I’ll reap down the road.

Thank you to all at Move for creating such a great fit for me!


Jackie Deffenbaugh

Innovative and Effective

Pilates is an of itself a great art for the development and sustainment of effective functional strength. Every studio and instructor though has a different approach for making the achievement of that physical development and associated health benefits accessible to its members.  Move. Pilates has one of the most pragmatic and results based approaches I've seen for developing sustainable, functional strength training that enables members to achieve and leverage its benefits in and beyond the work in the studio.

From mat to reformer to chair, barre and private training, the instructors at Move. Pilates are able to clearly articulate the principles of anatomy, strength and body movement not only to the practice at hand but also to other health movement related arts such as Yoga, Cross Fit and Dance. This enables a far richer and relaxed practice environment for members that encourages them to apply their new found health gains into deeper development of Pilates or other areas of personal health interest. My own Tai Chi and martial arts practice has benefitted greatly from the Move. Instructors and their constantly innovative approach to the principles of Pilates and it's effective application to a variety of health practices. I openly endorse the Move. Pilates studio and encourage those who are seek a more innovative, pragmatic and supportive approach to health to visit and see what the studio has to offer. I first started Pilates five years ago as a skeptic, and I haven't looked back since!

Warmest Regards,

Shawn Parkes

Tip Top Shape

I am so excited about the opening of   Move. !  I first started my very intentional focus on Pilates two years ago with Georgia.  That began a life changing experience for me that included getting me in tip top shape both physically and mentally for my wedding last September.  I couldn’t ask for more caring women to help me along this journey even if it means kicking my butt when necessary (yes, I ‘m talking about you Georgia!)  I have been a member of gyms for decades but I have never had the experience I have every time I interact with Georgia, Jennie and Kellie.  They are always concerned about my well-being, know me enough to push me when needed, make things fun, and make me a better person.

I can’t wait to see what is to come from my new studio!

- Andrea Bjorkman


I'm Loving It!

Thank you MOVE!  I have been looking for years for a safe harbor where I could get help with my body shape.  I need not look any further than MOVE. 

My current occupation is very sedentary- I need to sit at my computer for typically 7 hours every day- there’s just research I can’t do when standing.  LOL.   This lack of movement is a real struggle for my appetite- I love food especially when paired with a cocktail, especially good tasting cocktails!  My only combat for my love of food and drink is my love of walking, but walking doesn’t slim my waistline.  For years, I’ve been an avid walker which mostly (key word here) maintains my weight at a reasonable level.    As I age though, it’s become more and more difficult to manage my mid-section, leaving me more of a square instead of a curvy shape.  I've tried sit ups; I hate sit-ups.  I've tried the hula hoop; I’m just not that coordinated and besides I hate the hula hoop.  Don’t even get me started on the exercise ball…  I gave up over and over and over, until I found MOVE.  A friend introduced me to Georgia Thompson of MOVE, her warm personality and passion for pilates immediately won me over.  I had read that pilates builds core strength through controlled, targeted movement, but what does that really mean??  In order to find out, I got over my fear of signing up for a “exercise class” and went to a MOVE pilates session.  It was unbelievably great- I was stunned when the class was over!  Where have these muscles been over the last 20 years?  By the second class, my “love handles” were sore yet I felt energized.  A month later, I noticed that I didn’t have to roll to my side to sit up in bed; I was actually using my abdominal muscles to pull myself into sitting position.  What?  I have abdominal muscles??  I haven’t had those since like high school.  I notice the benefits of the pilates movements almost daily, whether it’s improved posture, better flexibility, or like I mentioned- just getting out of bed in the morning.  I should have done this years ago.  MOVE has become a nice pairing to my other “habits" of walking, good food and great cocktails. I’m loving pilates, the instructor and the aura, see you next session!  

Kristin Moore

I've Been 'Reformed'

I started at Move. last year, joining mat Pilates classes with Jennie and Georgia.  I was nervous to start.  I had previously done Pilates, but it had been years and I had suffered a back injury and had 4 surgeries with residual leg weakness and nerve damage.  But, I was feeling good after my last surgery and really wanted to get back into a Pilates routine.  From my first class with Jennie I felt not only welcomed, but encouraged.  Over the past few months both Jennie and Georgia have given me a huge amount of confidence that I can do more than I previously thought was possible.  And they were right!  I've still got a ways to go, but I've already noticed a huge change inmy body and HUGE changes in my strength and flexibility.  Everyone at Move (not only the instructors, but the students) are so encouraging and fun.  For the first time in my life, I look forward to working out!  While we laugh and have fun, the work outs are no joke.  No matter what your fitness level, you feel challenged.

A little over a month ago, I started in the beginners equipment class.  While I'd done Pilates before, I had never touched a reformer or chair.  I wasn't sure what to think about it.  After 1 class I was sold.  For me, equipment class is like physical therapy.  With my nerve damage and leg limitations from surgery, there are things I can't do on the floor that I can do on the equipment.  I am working muscles in my leg that have not worked in over 10 years.  It is nothing short of amazing!  For the first time in years I find myself hopeful that I might get some of the mobility back in my leg.

Not only do I love the workout and the instructors, but I love the community of the classes.  Classes are full of great people who support, encourage, and laugh with you.  As a former public workoutphobic, I have been "reformed" (pun intended). 

- Bridget Pleines


I'm Hooked

I owe Kelly B. for getting me hooked on Pilates! I had been away from exercise for several years, had never done Pilates before, and was very hesitant to start group classes. Kelly makes sure the environment is fun, non-intimidating, and welcoming. She has such a talent for teaching the basics, while at the same time offering modifications for more advanced students.

- Amanda Weissgerber